Write ‘n’ Wipe Resources for Your Classroom

Write ‘n’ Wipe Resources for Your Classroom

Take a look at our video giving you a closer look at just some of the Write ‘N’ Wipe products available from PTS.

Children love the opportunity to try something different. Being able to rub out and make a second attempt at their work frees them up to explore different answers.

Our great range of Write ‘N’ Wipe Resources can be used, wiped clean, and used again. This saves you time and money from repeatedly printing out worksheets for your class.

PTS Wipe Clean Boards include handwriting practice, multiplication squares, place value, phonemes, and much more.

The A4 whiteboards are now made from 90% wood pulp. This significantly reduces the amount of plastic we use, whilst maintaining the level of quality that you expect. Check out the full range at www.primaryteaching.co.uk/write-and-wipe.

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