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Teacher Stamps

If you find yourself writing the same old comments time and time again when you are marking, then invest in a customised stamp. At PTS we want you to save time and money by marking your pupils' work with our range of School Stampers, which can be personalised with your own wording and images for your classroom. Our stampers all come pre inked and can be refilled. So cut your marking time in half today with our Personalised Teacher Stamps including  Stack n Stamp, or Twist n Stamp. Customised Stampers normally start from just £8.75 (ex VAT). Suitable for both Primary and Secondary Teachers.

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3-in-1 Writing - Stack N Stamp
Code: SZ305
£ 14.00 ex VAT
Progress Stamper 3 in 1 Stack n Stamp
Code: SZ306
£ 14.00 ex VAT
'Remember to' Stamper (Green, Square)
Code: ST125
£ 11.00 ex VAT
3-in-1 Learning Objective - Stack N Stamp
Code: SZ303
£ 14.00 ex VAT
Verbal Feedback Given Stamper (21mm)
Code: ST49
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Superstar Writer' Stamper (21mm, Purple Ink)
Code: ST230
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Pedagogs 'Counting Carefully' Purple Stamper
Code: STP31
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Pedagogs 'Unit of Measure' Purple Stamper
Code: STP32
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Pedagogs 'Correct Place Value' Purple Stamper
Code: STP33
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Pedagogs 'Property of Shapes' Purple Stamper
Code: STP37
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Pedagogs 'Use a Ruler' Purple Stamper
Code: STP38
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Great Homework Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ75
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
3 In 1 Stamper with 3 messages and casing
Code: Z200
£ 17.85 ex VAT
Self Assessment Stamper (42mm x 22mm)
Code: ST69
£ 9.00 ex VAT
Please Put Your Name on Your Work Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ50
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
Please Date Your Work Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ56
Was: £ 5.50 ex VAT Now: £ 2.00 ex VAT
Adjustable Date Stamper (20mm)
Code: ST35
£ 7.50 ex VAT
Capital Letters 'Aa' Stamper (21mm, Green Ink)
Code: ST12
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Finger Spaces Stamper (21mm, Green Ink)
Code: ST11
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Checked by your Teacher Stamper - Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ69
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
'Excellent Effort' Stamper (Green and Purple Ink, Rectangular)
Code: ST100
Was: £ 10.80 ex VAT Now: £ 5.00 ex VAT
I Read in a Group Today Stamper (21mm)
Code: ST44
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Target Level List Stamper (42mm x 22mm, Green Ink)
Code: ST85
Was: £ 9.00 ex VAT Now: £ 2.00 ex VAT
What Went Well Stamper (42mm x 22mm)
Code: ST88
£ 9.00 ex VAT