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Teacher Stamps

Save time and money when marking your pupils work with our stampers! The range includes various wording, images and colour making it a great selection for you! Our stampers all come pre inked and can be refilled. Cut  your marking time in half today with our Stack n Stamp, or Twist n Stamp, or Personalised stampers. Also a great way to encourage your learners.

Superstar Writer Pre-inked Marking Stamper
Code: ST230
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Star Writer Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST232
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Checked By Your Teacher Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST23
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Good Handwriting Pen Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ79
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
Remember to Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST125
£ 11.00 ex VAT
Thumbs Up 10mm Image Mini Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST103
From £ 4.75 ex VAT
Moved up a stage in reading Star Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ66
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
Design Your Own 25mm x 25mm Green Ink Stamper
Code: UM25G
From £ 8.75 ex VAT
Design Your Own 25mm x 25mm Purple Ink Stamper
Code: UM25P
From £ 8.75 ex VAT
3 In 1 Stamper with 3 messages and casing
Code: Z200
£ 16.35 ex VAT
Aa Remember Capital Letters Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST12
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Remember Finger Spaces Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST11
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Verbal Feedback Given Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST49
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Personalised Tick 25mm Green Ink Stamper
Code: UB22G
From £ 8.75 ex VAT
Design Your Own 59mm x 21mm Green Ink Stamper
Code: UM10G
From £ 9.65 ex VAT
Design Your Own 59mm x 21mm Purple Ink Stamper
Code: UM10P
From £ 9.65 ex VAT
Small Purple Smiley Star Stamper
Code: SDS1
£ 2.50 ex VAT
You're a Superstar Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ73
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
Lovely Writing Pen Licence Awarded Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ81
From £ 4.90 ex VAT
WWW EBI Next Step 3-in-1 Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ300
£ 14.00 ex VAT
Great Homework Pre-inked Stamper
Code: ST47
From £ 3.75 ex VAT
Date Stamp Verbal Feedback given Stamper
Code: ST37
£ 16.60 ex VAT
2 Stars and a Wish Stack & Stamp
Code: SZ17
From £ 4.90 ex VAT