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PTS FAQs answer all your frequently asked questions in 6 handy categories. Please select from the categories below to find the answer to your query.



Top 5 End of Term Gifts for Pupils

End of Term Gifts

Are you struggling for ideas for low-cost end of term gifts for your learners? Check out our brand new Top 5 video for some inspiration...

PTS FAQs – About PTS

About PTS

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about PTS, including our address, opening hours, mailing lists and much more.

PTS FAQs – Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Discover everything you need to know about PTS finance and payments, inlcuding our VAT number, payment terms and invoicing.

PTS FAQs – Your Online Account

Your Online Account

Get help with setting up a PTS online account, changing your personal details, adding addresses, dealing with password problems and more.

PTS FAQs – Ordering


Check out our ordering FAQs to discover how to find your products, how to use our personalisation feature, applying discounts and more.

PTS FAQs – Delivery


Here you find out about PTS delivery, including how long your order will take to arrive, overseas delivery and what to do about any delivery issues.

PTS FAQs – After-Order Care

After-Order Care

Click the link to discover how to edit your order, manage any returns, cancel your order and more after-order care queries.