Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teacher Christmas Gifts: The PTS Gift Guide 2019

The PTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019 has arrived! If you’re a teacher looking for gifts for your class and teacher colleagues, or your own child is looking for Christmas gift ideas for their teacher, there is something in our guide for you.

New for Christmas 2019, we have amazing sparkly Christmas stickers in brand new designs, as well as Christmas designs in our brand new Personalised Holographic Stickers range. These are perfect for creating unique classroom rewards this term, or giving your pupils a special send off when your school breaks up for the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas Gift Guide is fully interactive. If you see something you like the look of, simply click on it and it will take you directly to the product on the website.

Click the image below to view the gift guide now.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Gift Guide Highlights

Personalised Teacher Christmas Gifts

PTS has a great range of Christmas presents for pupils which can be personalised with your own choice of festive message. The range includes Stickers, Stampers, Pencils, Magnets, Keyrings and more.

Gifts for Pupils

There plenty of low-cost small gifts for pupils on the PTS website. Our favourites include ‘Merry Christmas from Your Teacher’ Pencils and Notepads.

Gifts Ideas for Teacher Friends

Our Sticker Boxes are always a top seller at this time of year, they are perfect for your Secret Santa. We also have a range of pun-tastic mugs which are sure to put a smile on a teacher’s face.

Christmas Cards

Did you know that PTS has Christmas cards? They can all be personalised with your own wording, and some with your own photos or school logo.

Shop all PTS Christmas Gifts here.

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Cold days and cosy classrooms make December one of the best months for reading with your pupils. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite Christmas books, for a range of ages and abilities, to help you make Christmas even more special for your class.

The Christmas Story Generator is perfect for instilling a love of storytelling in your pupils and helping them to develop their writing skills. Use it to help your writers to plan and develop their own Christmas stories before they write them out in full. *Includes Free Download*

We’ve rewritten a festive classic just for teachers this Christmas. You can read our tongue-in-cheek version of ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ here. *Includes Free Download*


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