PTS Reading Record Books

Reading Record Books

PTS Reading Record Books

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These books can help you to…

– Keep track of pupil progress

– Communicate easily with parents

– Reward learners for reading achievements

Use PTS stampers to quickly update reading record books

Create personalised books to match your school branding

Reading Record Book Product Features

PTS reading record books are brilliant for teachers, TAs and parents to keep track of pupils’ progress and achievements in reading.

Each A5 book has a matt cover and 40 internal pages made of high-quality paper.

As well as 24 pages for pupils to log their reading progress these books include space for*:

– Timetable

– My Targets

– Words I need to know

– Books I would like to read

– Notes

– Words to learn

– Progress

– Book Reviews

– I want to find out the meaning of the following words

– Parent/Teacher Comments

– Books I have read

These brilliant books are on a price break, so the more you buy the more money you save!

*Contents of individual books may differ.

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