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Recently at Primary Teaching Services we have been busy creating and designing lots of new products for you. With the arrival of new Scented Stickers, Holographic Certificates, Marking Stamps and much more there are lots of new products that your pupils will love.

Introducing the NEW Scented Stickers…

Everyone loves a scented sticker and with 6 new bright designs now available in a variety of scents from banana milkshake, vanilla, jellybean, cola, blueberry and toffee popcorn, all featuring new characters and designs there is a lot to be excited about. The choice is bigger than ever for rewarding and motiving your pupils to smell their success.


New Scented and Holographic Certificates…

We now have available new holographic and scented certificates that are the perfect extra special reward for your shining stars. With 2 new holographic certificates and 4 new scented certificates available in peppermint, toffee popcorn, banana and vanilla your pupils will be putting in all their efforts to be rewarded.

c1 c2


Orange and Pink Stampers…

With the new 10mm pre inked pink stampers available in the designs of ‘magic wand’, ‘smiley face’, ‘star’ and ’ thumbs up’ marking will be easier than ever. The orange inked stampers are available in the stack and stamp range with 5 new stampers created to provide a wider range just for you with wording such as ‘to achieve your target, you need to’, designed to help speed up your marking time.

a1 a2

Value Packs…

We know how important value for money is to you here at PTS, so we have created more value packs to benefit you. With the new scented sticker value pack of 240 mixed sheets of the new 25mm scented stickers, a new value pack of general reward certificates, scented reward certificate value pack along with a mixed value pack of scented stickers and reward certificates. Each value pack saves you money making your school budget stretch that little bit further.

v1 v2  v3

Pencil Grips…

Get to grips with helping your pupils learn how to hold their pencils in the correct way. With pencils grips available in packs of 5, 10 and 30 in mixed colours. They are designed to be used by both left and right handed pupils. The soft writing grips have a non-slip surface and are designed to fit comfortably in a child’s hand making writing easier to get to grips with.


You can click here to discover more new products.

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