How to Use Good to be Green

How to use Good to be Green

How to Use Good to be Green


The Good to be Green Behaviour Management Scheme is used in a fifth of UK schools. If you’ve ever wondered how the scheme works, and whether Good to be Green would be great for your School, take a look at our new infographic below that explains the process in four simple stages. If you like what you see, take a look at the scheme on our website here.


Good to be Green Infographic


How to Use Good to be Green

Stage 1: Set the Stage

Work with your pupils to set the standards of behaviour for your classroom. Give examples of great and poor behaviour and decide any consequences and rewards. If you involve your learners at this stage they are more likely to be invested in the scheme and behave better. Set up your cardholder and show your pupils the different cards.

Stage 2: Everyone Starts Green

At the beginning of every school day, all pupils start with a Green Card and a fresh start. Any previous behaviour will be forgotten, giving pupils the chance to change their behaviour patterns.

Stage 3: Use Your Cards

During the day you can use your Cards to let your pupils know how you feel about their behaviour. Use the Stop and Think Card, when you feel that a gentle reminder of your expected standards of behaviour  is needed. This could be done discreetly by placing the card on a child’s desk, so as not to draw attention to their unacceptable behaviour and thus avoid “shaming them”. Alternatively you may want to display the card in the child’s cardholder pocket. If this undesired behaviour continues, then you may swap the card to a Warning Card. If the behaviour persists then you would issue a Consequence Card.

Stage 4: Reward Good Behaviour

Cards aren’t only useful for displaying current behaviour status but for rewarding pupils too. At the end of the week reward any pupils who have been ‘Green All Week’! There is a great range of rewards including, stickers, pencils, certificates, magnets, badges and more.


Why Good to be Green?

Pupils love the froggy designs of our Good to be Green rewards. With everything from Stickers and Holographic Certificates to Pencils and Badges, you are sure to find awards to suit your class. Take a look here to see the full range. Our fantastic Class Sets are perfect for getting your class started with Good to be Green. They include your Card Holder, CertifiCARDS, Posters and Reward Stickers.

The benefits of great classroom management are wide ranging. They include better safety, a positive classroom environment, increased teaching time and better relationships with pupils. Take a look at this article from to find out more about the benefits.



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