Introducing Ross McWilliam and CUPPA


Introducing Ross McWilliam and CUPPA

We are delighted to introduce our new guest blogger, Ross McWilliam! Over the coming months Ross will be providing you with lots of useful information on how to support your pupils in developing a confident and resilient mindset with implicit messages and strategies for developing positive mental health. To get you started, take a look at our introduction to Ross below, as well as his fantastic CUPPA book series.

The CUPPA Books are now available on the PTS website here.

All About Ross

Ross has been involved in education for over 30 years. He has worked in over 1,000 schools and has worked with 500,000 children and adults. He has published the CUPPA Mindset System which develops mindset of children ages 8-12, and has just completed his second book.

He has personally endured the trauma of academic failure during his school years and experienced the joys of success, later achieving a BA Hons, an MSc and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education –so he knows the power of the confident mindset.

Ross also speaks at various national conferences including National Association of Headteachers, NW Headteachers Association, and Institute of Business Leadership. He has written articles for the Times Educational Supplement, Headteacher Update, Sec Ed, Mums & Dads.

He has been described by leading child psychologist Professor Barry Hymer as a ‘classic growth mindset’. This testimony is borne out by Ross’s continual learning – he is studying for his PhD at age 58!

Employing his mantra ‘Potential Uncovered, Talent Discovered’ Ross helps children and young adults reach their potential within education, in employment, in sports, and towards their future life goals. His work focuses on developing mindsets in emotional confidence, mental health, well-being, motivation, raising achievement and advanced growth mindsets. He has a passion for the development of the self and believes young people need a platform of self-esteem, confidence, motivation, emotional resilience and soft communication skills on which to build future achievements.

Above and beyond his work in mainstream child and young adult education, he leads national workshops for teaching staff on mindsets, and delivers self-development training to professional football clubs through the National Citizenship Service Programme. He also delivers a combination of keynote speaking and active learning about being ‘The Best Version of You!’


All About CUPPA

In terms of his published books and resources, Ross is very applied and uses measurement and applied strategies to create positive change in children and adults.

On an emotional level, the inspiration to create the books and resources came about after the sad death of his dad and young niece in 2012. Ross wanted to honour these two important people and decided to create what has now become known as the CUPPA Mindset System. The focus was to develop a confident, emotional structured mindset that also has strong themes of resilience, emotional intelligence, positive mental health and empathy – all key components of successful non-cognitive behaviours.

Each book in the series of 5 introduces the child to an important step towards emotional confidence:

  • Challenge
  • Uniqueness
  • Positivity
  • Perception
  • Action

Each mission is packed with various mental health strategies, animated videos, easy listening audio options, amazing characters, fun progress tests and various learning activities.

The books are accompanied by audio dictation, and 5 one-minute toolkit videos which explain crucial aspects of becoming more confident, improving mental health and improving performance in school, and in life.

Ross also offers a free introductory assembly to introduce the resources, along with pre and post measurement tools, cross-curricular lesson plans and easy to use consolidation templates.

‘When a deep sense of self-worth is associated with a love of learning, resilience in the face of failure and a seeking out of challenges, we see happier results in individuals’ personal lives and educational achievements. The underlying message in many of the CUPPA stories speaks to the latter understanding, and blessedly so!’

Barry J Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria in Lancaster


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