New Stationery Products at PTS

New Stationery Products at PTS have arrived and are on sale now.

Have you ever regretted getting the glitter out in your classroom? Well we’ve found a perfect solution to stop any mess. The Rapid glue gun low temperature comes with glitter glue sticks as well as normal glue sticks and is so low in temperature that you can even decorate balloons with it. In the Rapid range there is also a Gun and Tacker kit perfect for stapling posters, letters and artwork to your walls. The pack includes a glue gun too complete with glue sticks and staples for your tacker.


Last year we launched the A4 whiteboards and from your feedback we now stock mini erasers in packs of 10 or 30, they are small so that your pupils can hold them in their hands easily to wipe away their work so that they can start over again.

How about stocking up on gifts for your prize box or end of term gifts. The NEW jungle and polar pencils come in packs of 12 and feature the popular jungle design or the polar design that was launched earlier this year. They are already sharpened for your convenience and each have an eraser on the end of the pencil.

We will be launching more new products this week and then towards the end of September so keep an eye out on the NEW Products section.

A lot of new products at PTS are suggested by you so if there is anything that you think that we could sell to make your easier then please don’t hesitate to email

We do take all your suggestions seriously and they do get discussed in our new product meetings which we have regularly. I hope the new term is a good one for you and if we can help in anyway then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks Steph at PTS


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