World Teachers Day…

There is no better day to celebrate the work of teachers than World Teachers’ Day. Unesco’s organised celebration is held annually on the 5th October to celebrate the good work that teachers do around the world, many working in difficult conditions and with limited resources. With teachers making a contribution daily it’s important to celebrate.

Here’s why we should appreciate teachers:


Teachers plan all year round, especially in the summer. With new curriculums, standards, and technology, there are always changes to be made and the teachers are the people that help these changes happen.

For Being Caring…

Teachers care. They want all students to be successful and will try anything to get them to feel accomplished and keep them motivated (this is where we come in to lend a helping hand). Some teachers can’t help but wear their heart on their sleeves and often take time out to help their student overcome difficulties.

For Being Professional…

Spending hours decorating, organising and making their classroom a perfect learning space for all pupils.

For Going Extra Mile…

When signing up for the job you’re also signing up for much more. You could end up helping teach a completely different subject, plan after school events and school trips or helping out with the sports teams. Teachers always go the extra mile every single day to help benefit their pupils, they often do a lot more than just teach.

Happy World Teachers Day!

Worl Teachers Day

Ellie- PTS


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