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Mindfulness – Part 2

Mindfulness Part 2

We take a look at the basics of mindfulness and why it works in classrooms, as well as setting your ground rules and your first mindfulness activity.

Taking Care of Ourselves – The Professional Approach to Wellbeing


Find out how to recognise issues with your own wellbeing and how to improve it through techniques including mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming.

Mindfulness – Part 1

Mindfulness Part 1

How can mindfulness help us to create the right kind of energy in the classroom? Find out about different types of energy and how to get the balance right.

Your Class Can Save the Bees


Bee helpful! The decline in UK bees is becoming a concern. Whilst the outlook is looking gloomy, there is a lot that we can do to help. Find out how...

Winter Activities

winter activities

Instead of hiding from the weather, why not embrace the great learning opportunities that winter can offer? Take a look at our favourite winter activities.

Post-Christmas Blues: How To Beat Them

Post-Christmas Blues

We’ve come up with 15 ways for you to beat the post-Christmas blues, embrace this time of year and start the new term off in a positive way.

Human Rights Day 2018

Human Rights

For children to develop into respectful, fully-rounded human beings, it is important for them to understand the values of the Declaration of Human Rights.

Autumn Activities for Teachers

Autumn Activities

We’ve gathered our favourite autumn activities into 3 sections; Activities for Younger Pupils, Exploring Hibernation and Adaptation, and Getting Artistic.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Are you thinking about introducing Growth Mindset in your classroom? Take a look at our brilliant new Infographic to find out how to get started.

Get Ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas in the classroom! We have some great activities, displays, educational films and gifts to help you and your pupils get festive.