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Top 50 Teacher Resources

We’ve selected over 50 of our bestselling teaching resources and put them into our school teacher's essential collection. People often think that all we sell is merit stickers and marking stampers but when you take a look at this collection you'll soon see that we’ve incorporated some very innovative stationery from across our website, including teacher to-do pads, scented certificates, class passes, Write and Wipe Pupil Learning Cards, as well as the old favourtites of marking stamper sets and merit sticker sets. Most of these products are EXCLUSIVE PTS products, which you just can't buy anywhere else. 

We have also negotiated some special prices on two best selling classroom management books by the highly respected Behaviour Management Guru, Bill Rogers. These books entitled 'Classroom Behaviour' and 'Cracking the Hard Class' both make a great surprise gift for any teacher friends and colleagues in Primary and Secondary. They will be especially useful for any newly qualified teachers in their first year in education.

Incidentally, we are always on the lookout for new ideas for the classroom that no-one else has produced, and so if you have one, please don't hesitate to email us at or if you prefer you can call us with your idea on 01772 33 11 11. 

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Pedagogs 100 High Frequency Key Words Keyring
Code: PO057
£1.90 ex VAT £2.28 inc VAT
Times Tables Practice Book (A5)
Code: RBT1
From £0.40 ex VAT From £0.48 inc VAT
Reading Record Book - Jungle Themed (A5)
Code: NRRJ1
From £0.40 ex VAT From £0.48 inc VAT
STOP 'n' Think Card - Certificards x 10 in a pack
Code: CC45
£2.00 ex VAT £2.40 inc VAT
Good to be Green Starter Pack
Code: GGS
£14.00 ex VAT £16.80 inc VAT
A4 Pedagogs Classroom Manners Posters pack of 16
Code: PE71
£5.00 ex VAT £6.00 inc VAT
Pocket Wallet & Class Pass Holder for 36
£10.00 ex VAT £12.00 inc VAT
Lined Mini Whiteboards (A4 - Pack of 30)
Code: WB1
£23.30 ex VAT £27.96 inc VAT
Mini Whiteboards Squared (A4 - Pack of 30)
Code: WB2
£23.30 ex VAT £27.96 inc VAT
Holographic Star Award Certificates (20 Certificates - A5)
Code: HST
£4.00 ex VAT £4.80 inc VAT
Marking Stampers Mixed Box of 6 - Pre-inked
Code: STB2
£23.40 ex VAT £28.08 inc VAT
Place Value HTU/HTO Dry Wipe Card - Double Sided
Code: NP31
From £0.45 ex VAT From £0.54 inc VAT
Pedagogs Alphabet Bunting (A-Z Flags)
Code: PD012
£10.00 ex VAT £12.00 inc VAT
Scented Jellybean Certificates - Teacher's Special Award (20 Certificates - A5)
Code: TSA
£4.00 ex VAT £4.80 inc VAT
Plastic Reward Tokens for Sports Events/Housepoints (50 Tokens - 38mm)
Code: RTK
From £2.50 ex VAT From £3.00 inc VAT
Write & Wipe Double Sided Addition & Subtraction POSTER (A2)
Code: S39
£0.80 ex VAT £0.96 inc VAT
Teachers' To-Do Pad (A4)
Code: TDP2
From £0.60 ex VAT From £0.72 inc VAT
Pedagogs Notes for Parents (48 Notes - A5)
Code: PC010
£3.50 ex VAT £4.20 inc VAT
Numeracy, Times Tables Posters (11 Card Posters - A4)
Code: MATHS3
£5.00 ex VAT £6.00 inc VAT
School Stickers Plastic Box & 496 Stickers
Code: SSB
£5.50 ex VAT £6.60 inc VAT
Times Table Stickers (140 Stickers - 16mm)
Code: B71
£1.15 ex VAT £1.38 inc VAT
Personalised Text (e.g. CLASS NAMES x 32, addresses ) 46mm x 30mm Stickers
Code: PTRH
From £0.40 ex VAT From £0.48 inc VAT
Circle Time Starter Cards (20 Cards - A6)
Code: CTS
£4.00 ex VAT £4.80 inc VAT
Metallic Gold Star Stickers Value Pack (1120 Stickers - 18mm)
Code: VB11
£4.95 ex VAT £5.94 inc VAT
Cracking the Hard Class - Bill Rogers
Code: BK2
Was: £18.54 ex VAT
Now: £12.45 ex VAT £14.94 inc VAT
GLOW IN THE DARK Monster Stickers 37mm x 35
Code: A362
£1.30 ex VAT £1.56 inc VAT
Self Assessment Stamper (42mm x 22mm)
Code: ST69
£9.00 ex VAT £10.80 inc VAT
Sunflower Height Chart 150cm - Quality Card
Code: HCS
£2.50 ex VAT £3.00 inc VAT
'Remember to' Stamper (Green, Square)
Code: ST125
£11.00 ex VAT £13.20 inc VAT
3-in-1 Learning Objective - Stack N Stamp
Code: SZ303
£14.00 ex VAT £16.80 inc VAT
Reading 3-in-1 Stack & Stamp (Green, Purple & Blue)
Code: SZ307
£14.00 ex VAT £16.80 inc VAT
Place Value HTU Poster - Glossy (A2)
Code: S43
£0.80 ex VAT £0.96 inc VAT
Happy Birthday Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP9
£3.00 ex VAT £3.60 inc VAT
Pen Licence Plastic CertifiCARDS (10 Wallet Size Cards)
Code: CC10
£2.00 ex VAT £2.40 inc VAT
Sticker Collector Chart - Superstar Learners (A2)
Code: SS7
£0.80 ex VAT £0.96 inc VAT
Holographic Stickers Value Pack (280 Stickers - 20mm)
Code: VCA7
£4.15 ex VAT £4.98 inc VAT
Pedagogs Home School Communication Book A6
Code: PDCB1
From £0.25 ex VAT From £0.30 inc VAT
Personalised Pencil Certificate
Code: PCT12
From £0.20 ex VAT From £0.24 inc VAT
Noise Level Monitor Board - Worksheet Holder & Noise Level A4 Cards
Code: DTS10
£7.45 ex VAT £8.94 inc VAT
Superstar Writer Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP15
£3.00 ex VAT £3.60 inc VAT