Reading in School


Reading in School

Have you ever read a book and been so engrossed in it that you actually believe you are there, in the book, with all the characters and living the story? Supporting reading in school and helping pupils to develop a love of reading are great motivators for PTS.

Books are a great way of escaping the everyday and for stretching young imaginations. Reading can help children to develop empathy and resilience, as well as opening up whole new worlds and experiences.

At PTS we love to read and would like to encourage young readers with our fantastic reading products that help to monitor and reward your pupils reading progress.


We have a large range of bookmarks, in various designs. Many can be personalised with your own wording, and you can even add your own photos to some.

We have bookmarks that you can use to collect your reward stickers, as well as some with punctuation tips and high frequency words. Take a look at our bookmark range here, we are sure you’ll find the perfect bookmark to suit your needs. They give you a great way to bolster reading in school.

Reading Record Books

PTS has a wide range of Reading Record Books in various fun and colourful designs to suit all age groups. Each book is A5 in size with a laminated cover and has plenty of pages for pupils to log their reading progress along with:

  • Timetable
  • My targets
  • Books I’d like to read
  • Words I need to know page
  • Book reviews
  • Space for parent/teacher/pupil comments.

Our record books are perfect for keeping your pupils on track with their reading and keeping parents and teachers up to date with pupils’ progress too.

Reading Reward Stickers

Our reading reward stickers come in various shapes and sizes. We have a wide range of ‘Star Reader’ stickers and ‘Good Reading’ stickers which are really handy for using with pupils who have read in the classroom. Don’t forget we have personalised stickers too, so you can create your own unique reading rewards. Some have yummy scents that come alive when rubbed and some are shiny and holographic. They’re certain to attract attention when worn on school jumpers. Customised reading stickers are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever receives one.

Reading Posters

Reading Posters are ideal for using to decorate your school’s library and classrooms. They can support pupils with the fundamentals of spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as offering reading tips and celebrating reading in school.

We have a bright and colourful ‘WE LOVE TO READ’ Poster which is ideal for hanging in your reading area. We also have a brilliant set of 17 Literacy Punctuation Card Posters in one of our value packs which can help to stretch your school budget. Posters are a great resource for your classroom as they are constantly visible which helps with knowledge retention. They also provide instant information without having to look it up.

Reading Stampers

Rewarding reading progress and updating pupils’ reading record books has never been easier than with PTS reading stampers. You can use this great range to highlight when a pupil has moved up a reading stage, has read with a teacher, changed books, and many more reading-related updates. You can also use them to boost your pupils’ reading confidence, with great messages such as ‘You’re trying hard with your reading’ and many more.

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