Raffle Tickets -  What Are the Chances

Raffle Tickets

What are the Chances?

Raffle Tickets have many potential uses in the classroom, you can even use them as part of your behaviour management scheme or when teaching probability Why not discover how they can make a positive impact with your class?

How Can You Use Raffle Tickets?

The opportunities for using Raffle Tickets in school are not to be under-estimated. Not only can you use them as tickets for school events and for traditional tombola’s and raffles, but they can also be used to:

  • Streamline your lunchtime queuing system
  • Reinforce good behaviour and motivate pupils to work hard
  • Practically teach probability in Maths lessons
  • Be a ‘Golden Ticket’ for special school events for your classroom superstars

Teaching Probability

You can use Raffle Tickets to discuss the chance of winning “out of 100” tickets in the book. This allows you to introduce the language of probability into the classroom and also demonstrate the concept of ‘percentage chance’.

Reinforcing Good Behaviour

Raffle Tickets are perfect for using as part of your behaviour management scheme, there are even dedicated raffle tickets for the Good to be Green scheme.

How to use raffle tickets to reinforce good behaviour…

  1. Choose the targeted behaviours that will allow learners to earn a ticket.
  2. Pick the timeframe that you will draw the tickets, for example, every Friday afternoon.
  3. Select the rewards that you will give to winners. You could even create a prize box with pencils and other small gifts to choose from.
  4. Hand out tickets to reinforce targeted behaviours. Tear off the right side to give to the pupil and keep the left side for the draw.
  5. Draw the winner When the chosen timeframe is up, randomly choose a winner from the tickets in the draw.

Raffle Ideas

This method is not limited to rewarding good behaviour. Why not have raffle to reward your reading superstars, they could be given a ticket for every book they finish, with a prize drawn at the end of each month? Your lunchtime supervisors could use the tickets to reward pupils for great behaviour and for eating all of their lunch with a prize drawn each day. Or, for a little extra encouragement, use the raffle tickets to motivate pupils to complete and hand in their homework on time.

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