Maths Mastery

Maths Mastery

What do you call a number that just can’t keep still . . .

. . . A roamin’ numeral.

Maths is one of those subjects that we use in our every-day lives, whether it’s working out how many minutes until the bell rings for home time, or working out how much change you will have from £1 if you buy an item costing 53p.

Maybe you have a budding Albert Einstein in your class, but in most cases, a little help with learning maths is needed.

PTS has designed some great products in our maths range to assist and guide pupils with their maths tuition, as well as lots of products for praising and rewarding a pupil’s maths mastery.

Times Tables

Practice makes perfect and these A5 sized books are perfect for doing just that!

With five multiplication columns and a division column on every page, there is plenty of space for your pupils to practise maths, ready for the Year 4 times tables test. They are suitable for Key Stage 2 Pupils.

Our Times Tables Bookmarks are also extremely handy. They are double-sided, showing two times tables up to twelve times tables. Learners can keep them in their maths books for easy and quick times tables queries.

Place Value

Our place value products have been designed to help pupils get to grips with numbers. Our double-sided place value dry wipe cards clearly show place values from hundredths all the way up to millions, and assist learners in understanding this key aspect of numeracy.

Our place value posters come in two sizes, A1 and A2, and are ideal for hanging on classroom walls as a visual aid, or for use in class activities.

Number Fans

Are you a FAN of numbers?

PTS number fans have a double set of numbers, as well as a decimal place, so they are perfect for using with pupils through Key Stages 1 and 2. But rest assured, the large number of cards in each fan doesn’t make it difficult to hold or fiddly to use. The small size of the cards, as well as the sturdy fastener, makes them easy to handle for small hands.

Pupils can use fan cards to answer questions posed verbally by the teacher. They work out the answer mentally, and then hold up their number fan with their answer on it.

Maths Posters

Posters are a great resource for your classroom as they are constantly visible which helps with knowledge retention and maths mastery. They also provide instant information without having to look it up.

We have created some inspiring and informative posters to hang in your classroom including Times Tables, Fractions, Shapes or a 24hr clock poster to name but a few. We have a Maths Poster Value Pack containing 10 posters which is great value for money!

Coin Stamper Set

These coin stampers are useful when it comes to teaching pupils about money and its different denominations. Money is a major part of everyday life, so recognising what each coin’s monetary value is and being able to add coins up is a key skill for pupils to develop.

We have designed these stampers specifically for teaching children about coins. The most common way of using these stampers is to use them as picture sums. On a piece of paper, on in your pupils’ maths books, stamp various coins for addition, e.g. £2 + 20p + 1p + 2p = (pupils can write the answer in) £2.23.

Maths Rewards

When it comes to rewarding pupils for their excellent maths achievements, we have a multitude of products to choose from. Whether it’s holographic stickers for everyday rewards or something a little more special like a holographic Maths Star Award certificate, we’re sure they will put a smile on pupils’ faces.

You can see our full range of maths products here.

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