Holographic Certificates

Holographic Certificates

Holographic Certificates for Your School Assembly

Assemblies give schools a great opportunity to formally recognize the hard work and progress that pupils have made. Many schools have special reward assemblies at the end of the week, or reward pupils as a matter of course during everyday assemblies; these special occasions are perfect for making your outstanding classroom stars feel great about their achievements.

PTS Holographic Certificates are perfect for using as part of your School Assembly. Their high-quality finish and bright, child-friendly designs are perfect for putting a smile on your pupils faces. Read on to find out how to use this great range.

*New* Holographic Certificates

We have some brand new subject specific Holographic Certificates to help you to celebrate special pupil achievements. Our new Reading Award Certificates (product code HRA) are flying off the shelves and our great Pen Licence Certificates (HPL) are perfect for pupils who hit this special milestone with their handwriting. There are also brilliant certificates for your Maths Stars (HMS) and Times Tables Superstars (HXT).

Star of the Week

Star Awards (HST) and Star of the Week Awards (HSO) are perfect for rewarding pupils who have achieved something extra-special in the classroom. Whether they have tried really hard to conquer a subject they have been struggling with and shown a brilliant growth mindset, gone above and beyond to help their classmates or teacher, or have been an all-round superstar, it is important to recognise pupil achievements; a shiny Holographic Certificate is the perfect way to do this.


Our Attendance Award (HAT) and 100% Attendance (HAC) Holographic Certificates are perfect for rewarding your pupils who arrive at school come rain or shine. Your pupils will love to be recognized for their commitment and fortitude. Looking for something a bit different? Take a look at our Attendance Award Pencils.

Behaviour Schemes

There is a great range of Certificates and CertifiCARDS to support your classroom behaviour scheme. If you’re using Good to be Green, try our ‘Green All Week’ Holographic Certificates (HGW) or even the ‘Green All Term’ CertifiCARDS (CC69) – perfect for rewarding consistently exceptional behaviour. If you’ve never seen our Good to be Green Classroom Behaviour Scheme, and you would like to find out more, take a look at our infographic which explains the scheme in four easy steps.

Gold, Silver and Bronze

Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates (HGA, HSA and HBA) aren’t just great for rewarding an excellent effort on your School Sports Day but for assemblies too. They are perfect for rewarding special achievements inside and outside of the classroom, your sports teams, great test results and your ‘most improved’ pupils.

Make sure you take a look at the full range of Holographic Certificates.

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