Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Many children love Halloween, and no doubt some of your pupils are very excited about going Trick or Treating on 31st October this year. However, with the dark nights drawing in, it is important for kids to stay safe whilst they enjoy the Halloween fun. Check out our latest Infographic below, which lays out our top Halloween Safety Tips. It is great for sharing with your pupils; you can download a PDF version here.

Halloween Safety Infographic

Before you go Trick or Treating, make sure you are full prepared and stay safe:

Road Safety

  • Plan your route – No-one wants to get lost, or find themselves far away from home on Halloween nights, so make sure you plan your trick or treating route in advance.
  • Cross with care – If you have to cross a road, remove your mask, and make sure the road is completely clear when you make your move.
  • Know your curfew – If you are not trick or treating with an adult, make sure you know when you are expected home, to save your parents any unwanted worry.

Where to Knock

Only trick or treat at houses which are well lit, or which are decorated with Halloween themed decorations. Some people may not want to be disturbed.


If you are dressing up this Halloween, why not add some reflective accessories to your spooky get up? They are great for making sure you are extra visible to cars. Small light up goodies are also a good way to make yourself visible to night time traffic.

Check Your Sweets

Make sure you or your parents check your sweets to make sure you are not allergic to any of your Halloween treats, or that you have received treats that aren’t worth eating… nobody wants to be poorly for Bonfire Night.


Last but not least, enjoy your time Trick or Treating, it only comes around once a year.

Did you know?

PTS has Halloween Stickers that you can personalised with your own choice of wording! Check them out here.

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