What to Do About Disruptive Behaviour - Download the Guide

Disruptive Behaviour

What to do About Disruptive Behaviour - Download the Guide

Our fantastic 4-part guide on how to deal with disruptive behaviour in the classroom is now available as a free download. Click the banner below to download your copy now, or read all four parts online via the links below.

Download the PTS Disruptive Behaviour Guide

Part 1 – Understanding Disruptive Behaviour

In order to respond more effectively to disruptive behaviour, it may be useful to examine the behaviour from a broader perspective. The contexts of disruptive behaviour can be split into three distinct sections. Read More…

Part 2 – Sensing Disruptive Behaviour

Developing the ability to sense and evaluate disruptive moods is a fundamental skill when addressing disruptive behaviour. This part of the guide looks at how to recognise a disruptive mood in the classroom. Read More…

Part 3 – Changing Disruptive Mood and Behaviour 1

There are a number of specific influences which affect children’s mood and behaviour. However, the focus for strategy can be narrowed to three major target areas. Read More…

Part 4 – Changing Disruptive Mood and Behaviour 2

In the final part of our serialisation, we continue to look at how to change disruptive mood and behaviour in the classroom, focusing on curriculum management, code of conduct and some quick fix measures. Read More…

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