Create Your Own Christmas Stories

Create Your Own Christmas Stories

The Christmas Story Generator is perfect for instilling a love of storytelling in your pupils and helping them to develop their writing skills. Use the Christmas story generator below to help your little writers to plan and develop their own Christmas stories before they write them out in full. We’ve also created a handy PDF version of the Christmas Story Generator for you to print off and use with your class.

Let’s start your story…

Choose Your Characters

From the list below, choose two characters to be your heroes and one to be your baddie. For each of your chosen characters, choose three describing words.

Christmas Story Generator

Choose a Setting for Your Story

Christmas Story Generator

Now imagine that you are in your chosen place, use your senses to answer the following questions…

  1. What are the main colours that you can see?
  2. How does this place make you feel?
  3. What can you smell?
  4. What can you see?
  5. Can you hear anything?
  6. What textures can you feel?

Choose a Problem

All good stories have a problem that the characters must try to overcome. Choose yours from the following list (or create your own):

Christmas Story Generator

Now think about the following questions

  • How does the problem make your characters feel?
  • How has your villain caused this problem?
  • What will the consequences be if the problem isn’t fixed?

Choose a Helper

During your story your heroes will meet someone who will help them. Choose your new character from the following list:

Christmas Story Generator

And then write down the following…

  • Choose three words to describe them
  • What makes this character extra-special?
    How are they going to help your heroes?

Create Your Ending

To create the ending for your story, answer these questions in full sentences:

  1. Will the ending of your story be happy or sad?
  2. Does your story end in the same place that it started?
  3. Does the problem get fixed? How?

You now have all of the components that you need for your Christmas story. In your exercise book or on paper (ask your teacher which they would prefer), write out your story. Don’t forget to use full sentences and punctuation. Use all of the descriptions and ideas that you have created in your plan to bring your story to life.

Download the Story Generator PDF for your class here: Christmas Story Generator

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