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Teaching Assistant Stickers and Stampers

This great collection of Stickers and Stampers is perfect for Teaching Assistants to use when helping pupils and marking work. The range includes our brilliant Stack N Stamp stampers and Mini Stampers.
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Assisted/Independent Work 3-in-1 Stakz Stamper (44mm x 13mm per brick)
Code: SN302
£13.95 ex VAT
T.A. Assisted Work Stamper - Green Ink (38mm x 15mm)
Code: SX79
£4.95 ex VAT
T.A. Assisted Work Stakz Stamper - Green Ink (44mm x 13mm)
Code: SN4
£4.95 ex VAT
Marked by T.A. Stamper - Green Ink (25mm)
Code: ST27
£4.95 ex VAT
TA Stamper - Blue Ink (10mm)
Code: ST220
Was: £5.25 ex VAT
Now: £4.95 ex VAT