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Teaching Assistant Stickers and Stampers

Assisted/Independent Work 3-in-1 Stakz Stamper (44mm x 13mm per brick)
Code: SN302
£13.95 ex VAT
T.A. Assisted Work Stakz Stamper - Green Ink (44mm x 13mm)
Code: SN4
£4.95 ex VAT
TA Stamper - Blue Ink (10mm)
Code: ST220
Was: £5.25 ex VAT
Now: £4.95 ex VAT
T.A. Assisted Work Stamper - Green Ink (38mm x 15mm)
Code: SX79
£4.95 ex VAT
This great collection of Stickers and Stampers is perfect for Teaching Assistants to use when helping pupils and marking work. The range includes our brilliant Stack N Stamp stampers and Mini Stampers.
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