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End of Term Gifts

Personalised Pencils with Pupil Names On
From £0.50 ex VAT
Sticker Starter Box (501 stickers)
Code: SSB
£5.80 ex VAT
PERSONALISED Graduation Certificate - White & Gold (A5)
Code: PCT36
From £0.25 ex VAT
Pencil Grips (Pack of 5)
Code: PGP5
Was: £3.75 ex VAT
Now: £2.70 ex VAT
Goodbye From Your Teacher Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP52
From £2.45 ex VAT
Pedagogs Pirate Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP42
Was: £3.00 ex VAT
Now: £1.65 ex VAT
Goodbye From Your Teacher Metallic Pencils (Pack of 12)
Code: GP58
£3.30 ex VAT
My Teacher Thinks I'm Magic Pencils - Metallic Finish (x12)
Code: GP11
From £2.45 ex VAT
Reading Star Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: WF124
£3.10 ex VAT
Star Writer Foil Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: WF83
£3.10 ex VAT
Happy Birthday Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP9
From £2.45 ex VAT
Star of the Week Foil Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: WF51
£3.10 ex VAT
Certificate of Graduation for Leavers (A5 x 20)
Code: COG
£3.95 ex VAT
Monster Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP47
From £2.45 ex VAT
Personalised Striped Notepad (A4, 50 Page, Lined)
Code: PNP3
£2.00 ex VAT
Personalised Comic Book Notepad (A4, 50 Pages, Lined)
Code: PNP6
£2.00 ex VAT
Fairies Button Badges (10 Badges - 37mm)
Code: FB10
Was: £2.45 ex VAT
Now: £0.70 ex VAT
Pedagogs Pencils - Pink & Green (12 Pencils)
Code: GP41
Was: £3.00 ex VAT
Now: £1.65 ex VAT
Perfect Attendance Foil Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: WF122
£3.10 ex VAT
Personalised Monkey Acrylic Keyring
Code: PKR011
From £0.80 ex VAT
Smiley Face Pencils - Multicoloured (x12)
Code: GP12
From £2.45 ex VAT
Personalised Image & Text Acrylic Keyring
Code: PKR001
From £0.80 ex VAT
Personalised Keep Calm Notepad (A4, 50 Page, Lined)
Code: PNP1
£2.00 ex VAT
Star Writer Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP46
From £2.45 ex VAT
Personalised Image Only Acrylic Keyring
Code: PKR002
From £0.80 ex VAT
Personalised Marbled Notepad (A4, 50 Page, Lined)
Code: PNP4
£2.00 ex VAT
Personalised Football Acrylic Keyring
Code: PKR006
From £0.80 ex VAT
Personalised Butterfly Acrylic Keyring
Code: PKR005
From £0.80 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP18
From £2.45 ex VAT
Superstar Writer Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP15
From £2.45 ex VAT
'Teacher's Notepad' 50 Page Lined A4 Notepad
Code: PAD5
£2.45 ex VAT
100% Attendance Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP39
From £2.45 ex VAT
Book Prize Stickers (PRICE IS for 4 stickers - 139mm x 99mm)
Code: BP1
From £0.50 ex VAT
Star of the Week Ceramic Mug - Star
Code: MUG11
From £2.95 ex VAT
Christmas Glitter Low Temp Glue Sticks 125gms
Code: RGL2
Was: £5.80 ex VAT
Now: £3.30 ex VAT
'Star of the Week' 50 Page A4 Lined Notepad
Code: PAD3
£2.45 ex VAT
Great Attendance Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP38
From £2.45 ex VAT

The PTS gifts range has products to suit a range of budgets and occasions, whether you’re treating your pupils or a colleague. If you're looking for Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts or something a little bit special, like Personalised End of Term Gifts, take a look at this fantastic range.

There are products to reward great attendance, as well as stationery sets, colouring sets, games, mugs, sticker packs and brilliant Personalised Pencils. Give your class or teacher colleague an end of term treat with presents from PTS.

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