The Mulitplication Test: A Good Idea or a New Way to Multiply Teacher Stress?

Multiplication Test

The Multiplication Test: A Good Idea or a New Way to Multiply Teacher Stress?

In March 2018, the government began to trial the controversial new multiplication test for eight and nine year olds in selected schools. The test will be rolled out nationally in 2019, and will become mandatory for all Y4 pupils this year. Schools will have a three-week window for their Y4 pupils to complete the online test from 8th June 2020.

The announcement was met by an outcry from teachers, head teachers and parents alike. They would like to reduce the testing pressure put on young children rather than increase it unnecessarily. Nick Brook, deputy general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), said; ‘This test won’t tell teachers and parents anything they don’t already know about their children.’

Whether it is a good thing or not, PTS is in a great position to support teachers as they transition the way they teach to fit in with the style of the new test. To do this we have developed a simple, yet effective multiplication practice book. The book helps pupils to study and practice the skills that will be tested, but at their own level.

PTS Numeracy and Maths Support

At PTS we pride ourselves in supporting teachers across all school subjects, and numeracy is no exception. We recently sparked a teacher debate over on our Facebook page regarding the teaching of place value; we asked whether the terminology “units” or “ones” were used more prevalently in the classroom.

The split between teachers was pretty much 50/50 so we decided to create a new product that could be used for both terms. We put our thinking caps on and produced our new double sided place value dry wipe card, with hundreds, tens and units on one side, and hundreds, tens and ones on the other. They already look set to become a firm favourite with primary teachers!

We also provide teachers with a huge range of other maths resources, from posters to stickers, multiplication squares and numeracy stampers.

What Do You Think?

We’re always looking for new ways to support teachers, so if you have any bright ideas to support your colleagues with the new multiplication tests, or other classroom numeracy skills, please  email us at

Please also let us know your views on the government’s new multiplication test. Do you think it is a good idea, or will it have a detrimental effect on pupil and teacher stress levels? We look forward to hearing your views.

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