The PTS Mindfulness Guide

Mindfulness Guide

The PTS Mindfulness Guide

Over the past five weeks, we have serialised our mindfulness series over five handy blog posts. We have now collected them all together into the PTS Mindfulness Guide, which you can download in PDF format below. We hope you find the guide useful, please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Don’t want to download the full guide? You can still access all five parts of the series on the blog.

Part 1. Energy, Emotion and Activity: Creating an Optimal Learning Environment

Classroom energy levels can vary greatly depending on the time of day, subject, activity, school events and even the teacher’s mood. But energy levels are incredibly important for retaining information. So, how can mindfulness help you to create the right kind of energy in your classroom?

Part 2. Introducing Mindfulness in Your Classroom

In part two of our brand-new blog series on mindfulness, we take a look at introducing mindfulness into your classroom. Firstly, we’ll take a look at the basics of mindfulness and why it works well in the classroom, before we move on to how to make paying attention a positive, how to set your mindfulness ground rules and your first full mindfulness activity for your pupils.

Part 3. Metacognition

In part 3 of our blog series on mindfulness, we take a look at metacognition. We’re going to discuss how to introduce ‘thinking about thoughts’ to your pupils and how to get them to harness their thinking processes to improve their learning and overcome obstacles.

Part 4. Mental Disorders and Mindfulness

Taking stock of our mental wellbeing is a key facet of mindfulness. By becoming aware of any mental disorders as they develop, we can take steps to remedy the problem before it manifests fully. Mindfulness can also help to calm any anxiety.

There is evidence that emotional mental health disorders are on the rise for children and young people. We take a look at the latest statistics, before discussing how far mindfulness can help to reduce the impact of mental ill health.

Part 5. Improving Memory and Learning with Mindfulness

As we continue to practice mindfulness, our brains become able to direct our attention with greater awareness and skill. In the final part of our mindfulness blog series, we take a look at how it can also improve memory and learning in the classroom.

You can download the Mindfulness Guide here.

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