Leavers Assembly Ideas

Leavers Assembly Ideas

Your school leavers assembly is an important milestone in school life for your year six pupils. Done well, these assemblies have the power to create lots of laughter and maybe even a few tears. If you’re looking for inspiration for your leavers assembly, take a look at seven great ideas below.

Recreate Favourite Moments

No doubt there will be some standout moments from your class’ primary school years. Why not create some short sketches to recreate them? You pupils could play themselves and the teachers – the more over-the-top the acting the better.

To decide your moments why not have a class vote? You could give your class ten choices, from favourite assemblies, school plays, sports day and charity events, to funny moments in the classroom and playground. They could then vote to whittle these down to their favourite three and have good fun reminiscing whilst they do.

This is great activity for having lots of fun whilst keeping costs low.

Most Likely to…

Make all of your school leavers feel special by awarding them with a ‘most likely to…’.
This allows you to quickly highlight your pupils’ positive attributes and is fun too. Here are some ideas:

  • Most likely to… become a stand-up comedian
  • Most likely to… read every book in the world
  • Most likely to… become an astronaut
  • Most likely to… use their powers of persuasion for evil
  • Most likely to… own enough animals to recreate Noah’s arc
  • Most likely to… become a mathematical genius
  • Most likely to… become a world-famous artist
  • Most likely to… use their skill for creating drama to become a successful actor

School Reunion 2079

Ask your pupils to create a play imagining that they meet up again at a school reunion in 2089 when they are 81 years old. They should include conversations about what they have done with their lives, as well as reminiscing about their time at school and the friendships that they made. A lot of the comedy will come from the fact that your eleven-year-olds are dressed up as OAPs, but don’t forget that fashion will have changed a lot in eighty years. Your pupils could create their own futuristic outfits, as well as imagining what technology will be like – they could be nostalgic for the days of iPhones and Netflix.

Teacher Awards

Instead of giving awards to your pupils, why not get your class to host their very own awards show for the teachers? They could dress up as celebrities to present the awards and have a funny presenter too.
Possible categories could include:

  • The funniest teaching incident
  • Best dressed teacher
  • The most smiley teacher
  • The funniest teacher
  • The teacher who drinks the most coffee
  • Most enthusiastic teacher

Pupils should announce the nominees and why they have been nominated, before announcing the winner, trying to make the speeches as funny as possible.

School ABC

One of the first things that pupils learn at school is the alphabet, why not ask your class to come up with their own alphabet poem, full of things they’ve encountered during their primary school years.

A is for… apple pie at lunchtime, arithmetic, Mr Andrews and assemblies

B is for… basketball, school bags, best friends and bad behaviour

C is for… cookery lessons, cake sales, children and computers

Each child could be assigned a letter to read out, with any remaining pupils introducing the poem, or acting out what the others are saying.

Leavers Songs

Another great way for pupils to reminisce is to tell their primary school story through song. Why not pick your pupils’ favourite song from this year’s charts and rewrite the lyrics? This makes the song unique for that year, as well as making it even more entertaining for the audience?
If you have the time and the budget, you could even create your own music video and premiere it on screen during your leavers assembly.

Who’s This?

One of our favourite leavers assembly ideas, and a relatively simple one, is to create a PowerPoint of pictures of your year 6 pupils when they were babies and get the audience to guess who is who. To add an extra bit of fun, why not slip a few teacher baby pictures in there too?


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