Introducing Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset 2

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is increasing in popularity in UK schools. The concept of Growth Mindset, that sees intelligence as something to be developed through hard work and resilience, was created by psychologist, Dr Carol Dweck. Do you already encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom? Or, are you thinking about introducing this great concept to your pupils? Take a look at our brilliant new Infographic below to find out how to quickly get started with your class.

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Growth  Mindset Infographic

What is a Growth Mindset?

A pupil who has a Growth Mindset sees intelligence as something that can be developed through hard work and resilience.

The Benefits

Learners will:

  • Welcome constructive feedback
  • Be more willing to try difficult tasks
  • Persist at difficult tasks for much longer
  • Experience less stress and improved wellbeing
  • Have better self-esteem

Introducing Growth Mindset

There are four key areas to get you started:

Changing the way we praise

Rather than praising intelligence or cleverness, praise how hard your pupils are working, how hard they are trying, even if they don’t succeed.

Realist expectations

Set challenging but achievable expectations and communicate this effectively with your class.

Classroom culture

Create a culture that values learning and development rather than celebrating intelligence.

Positive Mental Attitude

Help your pupils to talk to themselves in a positive way, so that they continue to try their best and work hard.

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