End of Term Gifts

End Of Term Gifts

End of Term Gifts for Pupils

Are you struggling for ideas for low-cost end of term gifts for your learners? Check out our Top 5 video…

Video Transcript

This week we’re counting down our top five gifts to give to your learners at the end of term.

Let’s get started…

At number 5, it’s our Special Award CertifiCARDS – perfect for reward pupils who have achieved great things during the course of the school year.

In at 4 are personalised pencils – use them to create unique end of year rewards.

At 3, why not use personalised scented stickers to wish your pupils a special goodbye.

At 2, just missing out on the top spot, is our classy certificate of graduation.

And finally, we have a brand new entry at number one, these good luck from your teacher pencils and rulers are guaranteed to put a smile on your learners’ faces.

Check out www.primaryteaching.co.uk/gifts for the full range.

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