Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Bonfire Night Safety

Help educate your class ready for bonfire night. Firework displays are lots of fun, but fireworks can also be dangerous if you don’t use them properly. Here’s a guide on how to make sure your pupils and young children can be taught to say safe this Bonfire Night. There are lots of rules that can be put into place to help pupils stay safe this bonfire night whilst still having fun and enjoying themselves.

Firework safety

Fireworks can be very dangerous and that’s why safety is the most important thing when it comes to firework displays.

Pets often get very frightened by fireworks, so watch out for them too. You might want to keep all your pets indoors and close all the curtains.

Pay attention to adults when they tell you to stand back.

When the night is over its safer to put the fireworks into a wet bin.

Sparkler Safety

Children love to light sparklers on Bonfire Night and they are lots of fun! However make sure your pupils know the simply safety rules:

Never put them in your pocket

Never pick one up off the floor

Make sure an adult is always present

Light them one at a time

Wear gloves

Hold them at arm’s length

When it goes out, put the hot end in a bucket of water. Otherwise it could still burn.

Did you know?

Fireworks can travel at speeds of up to 150mph, the cruising speed of some biplanes.

It is illegal to sell fireworks to those under the age of 18.

If three sparklers burn together, they will do so at the same heat of a blow torch used for joining metal.

Bonfire night was originally called ‘Bone Fire’.

You can help teach your pupils to follow the safety rules using personalised Bonfire Night stickers.

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