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Value Pack of 1440 Mixed Mini Library Book Labels

PRICE: £8.30 ex VAT
PRICE: £8.30 ex VAT


Product Code: BUML


Product Features:

Bumper Pack of 1440 Mini Library Labels

Save £5.88 (£4.90 ex VAT)

This pack contains the complete range of our 22mm x 16mm library labels. Perfect for labeling your books in conjunction with the Dewey Decimal System.

Pack Contents:

  • 120 x Red Labels
  • 120 x Yellow Labels
  • 120 x Orange Labels
  • 120 x Light Blue Labels
  • 120 x Dark Blue Labels
  • 120 x Light Green Labels
  • 120 x Dark Green Labels
  • 120 x Pink Labels
  • 120 x Brown Labels
  • 120 x Grey Labels
  • 120 x Black Labels
  • 120 x Purple Labels

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