Welcome to Primary Teaching Services ... the UK's leading supplier of motivational stickers and stampers for every teacher in your school.

We have an extensive range of reward stickers for schools, all exclusively designed and printed in the UK, including our 'Rub 'n' Smell' range (which contains over 15 varieties), subject specific stickers and general motivational reward stickers. We have also introduced a range of 'budget' mini stickers from only 75p per sheet. You can buy up to 196 stickers from only £1.35 in our Diddi Dots range.

Answer to the $6,000,000 question; 'HOW CAN I CUT MY MARKING TIME IN HALF?'

Now there's no need to keep writing the same sentences over and over again with our selection of marking stickers and stampers. Save time and space with our Twist & Stamp - the three in one marking stamper. Over 76 messages are available, in any combination you like. We've also introduced another time saving range of stampers called the 'Stack & Stamp'.