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Teacher Stamps

Marking Stampers Positive Feedback Mixed Set of 6 - Pre-inked
Code: STB2
£27.95 ex VAT
Well Done Gromit Stamper - Black Ink (25mm)
Code: ST120
£5.80 ex VAT
Capital Letters 'Aa' Stamper - Green Ink (25mm)
Code: ST12
£4.95 ex VAT
Star Stamper (10mm)
£4.95 ex VAT
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Adjustable Date Stamper (20mm)
Code: ST35
£7.45 ex VAT
Pedagogs Marking Stampers - Numeracy - Set of 6 (25mm - Purple ink)
Code: STB6
£29.95 ex VAT
Traffic Light Stamper - Black Ink (38mm x 15mm)
Code: SX32
£4.95 ex VAT
1 House Point Stamper - Black Ink (25mm)
Code: ST234
£4.95 ex VAT

This great selection of our larger Pre-Inked Stampers contains some of our most popular Teacher Stamps. PTS Marking Stampers are perfect for helping you to speed up your marking time whilst providing feedback and rewards to your pupils.

See also our great range of Personalised Teacher Stamps, as well as subject specific School Stamps for Writing, Reading, Foreign Languages and many more. Are you looking for something smaller? Check out our Mini Stamps.

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