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Shiny and Sparkly Stickers

Reward and motivate your pupils with our School Reward Stickers. View the large range of school stickers for teachers from Primary Teaching Services: from Scented to Shiny and Sparkly, and from The Pedagogs range to Personalised stickers, there is a sticker for every occasion to use in your classroom. Sticker designs can feature Customised text and images to make the perfect personal rewards for your pupils. Our Good to be Green Stickers also help support our behaviour schemes.  All despatched by Primary Teaching Services from our sticker factory in the UK within 48 hours of ordering.

Value Pack 336 Holographic & Metallic Stickers
Code: CP82
Was: £ 4.95 ex VAT Now: £ 4.15 ex VAT
196 x Well Done Stars Metallic 10mm Stickers
Code: DD2
Was: £ 1.30 ex VAT Now: £ 0.95 ex VAT
'Well Done' Holographic Smile 37mm Stickers x 35
Code: A135
Was: £ 1.30 ex VAT Now: £ 1.00 ex VAT
Gold 38mm Plastic Reward Token pack of 50
Code: RTK05
From £ 4.00 ex VAT
35 x Personalised 37mm Stickers with Star in Gold Metallic
Code: PA215
Was: £ 2.25 ex VAT Now: £ 1.25 ex VAT
70 x Personalised Gold Metallic Star 25mm Stickers
Code: PAN103
From £ 1.60 ex VAT
'Super Spelling' Holographic 37mm Stickers x 35
Code: A34
Was: £ 1.30 ex VAT Now: £ 1.00 ex VAT
196 x Diddi Dot Mixed Words Metallic 10mm Stickers
Code: DD17
Was: £ 1.30 ex VAT Now: £ 0.95 ex VAT
70 Mixed Words Metallic 25mm Stickers
Code: N1
Was: £ 1.30 ex VAT Now: £ 0.95 ex VAT
140 x Gold Metallic 18mm Star Stickers
Code: B11
£ 1.30 ex VAT
37mm Personalised Stickers Gold Metallic x 35
Code: PA211
From £ 1.60 ex VAT
35 Personalised Bronze Metallic 37mm Stickers
Code: PA213
From £ 1.60 ex VAT