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Personalised Scented Stickers

Personalised SCENTED Character Stickers - Bubblegum (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: XPA9
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Star Stickers - Jellybean (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA2
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Doughnut Stickers - Vanilla (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: XPA10
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Super Hero Stickers - Cola (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA4
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Emoji Stickers - Bubblegum (70 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XPN50
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Mango Robot Stickers (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA7
Was: £2.45 ex VAT
Now: £1.25 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Sherbet Stickers (70 per sheet - 25mm)
Code: XPN49
From £1.55 ex VAT

Your pupils will love a personalised message with the added sensory reward of an exciting scent. We have yet to find a child who doesn't love our Scented Stickers Range.

Choose from many wonderful personalised scents: Jelly Bean, Cola, Tropical, Bubblegum and Strawberry. These are an extra Special Award to help you motivate your pupils. For cheaper non-personalised versions with a wider variety of scents, see our  SCENTED STICKER RANGE.

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