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Stickers for Schools

Metallic Sports Day Stickers Value Pack (560 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: CP90
£17.45 ex VAT
Holographic First Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A401
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic Second Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A402
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic Third Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A403
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic and Metallic Stickers Value Pack (440 Stickers)
Code: CP82
£5.80 ex VAT
Holographic Super Speller Wizard Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A361
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic Mixed Maths Stickers (70 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: N72
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic Stickers Value Pack (200 Stickers)
Code: CP89
£4.15 ex VAT
Holographic Stickers Value Pack (525 Stickers - 20mm)
Code: CP98
£8.30 ex VAT
Metallic Good to be Gold Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A378
£1.40 ex VAT
Holographic I am a Maths Star Stickers (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: DA47
£0.80 ex VAT
Metallic Gold 1 House Point Stickers (140 Stickers - 16mm)
Code: BC1
£1.40 ex VAT
Lunchtime Value Pack (1100 Stickers - Praisepad)
Code: CP81
£19.50 ex VAT
Holographic Reading Stickers - Polar (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A350
£1.40 ex VAT
Metallic 1st Place Rosette Stickers (25 Stickers - 54mm x 37mm)
Code: RS4
£1.40 ex VAT
Metallic 2nd Place Rosette Stickers (25 Stickers - 54mm x 37mm)
Code: RS5
£1.40 ex VAT
Metallic 3rd Place Rosette Stickers (25 Stickers - 54mm x 37mm)
Code: RS6
£1.40 ex VAT
Metallic Great Stickers - Musical Notes (140 Stickers - 16mm) OUT OF STOCK - DUE BACK END OF JUNE
Code: B19
Was: £1.40 ex VAT
Now: £0.80 ex VAT
Holographic Comic Style Stickers (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: DA43
£0.80 ex VAT
Superhero Stickers - Holographic 30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: DA41
£0.80 ex VAT
Holographic Stickers - Mr Men & Little Miss (140 Stickers - 16mm)
Code: B73
£1.40 ex VAT
Dinosaur Stickers Holographic (36 Stickers - 35mm)
Code: A320
£1.40 ex VAT

Reward and motivate your pupils with PTS School Merit Stickers. View the large range of motivational stickers for teachers from Primary Teaching Services: from Scented (Smelly) to Shiny and Sparkly, to Personalised stickers , there is a sticker for every occassion to use in your classroom.

Sticker designs can feature Personalised text and images to make the perfect bespoke rewards for your pupils. They are despatched by PTS from our sticker factory in the UK within 48 hours of ordering. To Request a Catalogue by Post click here.

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