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School Resources

100 High Frequency Words for Home Learning on Laminated Cards (86mm x 54mm)
Code: NP36
From £5.80 ex VAT
Number Fans - Laminated (0-9 Double Set with Decimal Point)
Code: NP37
From £1.50 ex VAT
Teachers' To-Do Pad (A4)
Code: TDP2
From £0.50 ex VAT
My Weekly Chart Pad - 40 Sheets (A4)
Code: MWC1
£2.95 ex VAT
The Knot (Children's Anxieties) by Helen Cousin
Code: BK9
Was: £4.99 ex VAT
Now: £4.58 ex VAT
Pencil Grips (Pack of 5)
Code: PGP5
Was: £3.75 ex VAT
Now: £2.70 ex VAT
Golden Rules CertifiCARDS (10 Cards - 86mm x 54mm)
Code: CC30
Was: £1.65 ex VAT
Now: £0.80 ex VAT
Personalised Photo ID Plastic Card - Picture Right 86mm x 54mm)
Code: PCC49
From £0.65 ex VAT
Pocket Wallet & Class Pass Holder for 36
£10.00 ex VAT
Christmas Glitter Low Temp Glue Sticks 125gms
Code: RGL2
Was: £5.80 ex VAT
Now: £3.30 ex VAT
Growth Mindset CertifiCARDS (10 Wallet Sized Cards)
Code: CC73
Was: £1.95 ex VAT
Now: £1.65 ex VAT
Multipurpose Glue Sticks 125gms
Code: RGG2
£3.00 ex VAT
Cuppa Activities Book (Missions 1 to 5) by Ross McWilliam
Code: BK11
£6.65 ex VAT
Cuppa Class Reader (Missions 1 to 5) by Ross McWilliam
Code: BK10
£8.30 ex VAT
House Colour Purple CertifiCARDS (10 Wallet Size Cards)
Code: CC26
Was: £1.65 ex VAT
Now: £0.95 ex VAT
Personalised Official Pen Licence Award Certificard (86mm x 54mm)
Code: PCC43
From £0.65 ex VAT
Cuppa Adult Guide (Missions 1 to 5) by Ross McWilliam
Code: BK12
£6.65 ex VAT
A4 Note Pad: Happy Christmas from your Teacher
Code: PAD1
From £1.00 ex VAT
Clear Grip Seal Bags (100 per pack - 6" x 9")
Code: RSV100
£4.15 ex VAT
Personalised Picture & Logo ID Plastic Card(86mm x 54mm)
Code: PCC46
From £0.65 ex VAT
Personalised Picture Left Plastic Card (86mm x 54mm)
Code: PCC47
From £0.65 ex VAT
*Book Set* Cuppa Missions 1 to 5 by Ross McWilliam
Code: BK8
£12.45 ex VAT
PTS school resources are integral to the everyday running of your classroom. From stationery to door signs and from Nana's Manner cutlery for your pupils to teacher notepads, here you will find everything that you need to make your teaching life a little bit easier.
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