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PHSE Displays

Early Years Poster Pack (12 Posters x A2 620mm x 420mm) & Height Chart 1.5m
Code: POST7
Was: £14.94 inc VAT
Now: £12.96 inc VAT
Pedagogs Classroom Manners Posters (16 Posters - A4)
Code: PE71
£5.94 inc VAT
Height Chart - Sunflower (150cm)
Code: HCS
£1.98 inc VAT
Pedagogs The Pedagogogos Dangles with Ribbon (7 Double-sided Cards)
Code: PD023
Was: £10.80 inc VAT
Now: £5.94 inc VAT
How to Listen Good Habits Poster (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S27
£1.44 inc VAT
5 Step Guide to Hand Washing Laminated Poster (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S87
£1.44 inc VAT
Sticker Collector Effort Chart - Yellow (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S77
£1.44 inc VAT
How To Be a Germ Buster Poster (A3)
Code: CV19
£0.96 inc VAT
Our Class Rules Poster - Classroom Displays (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S11
Was: £1.44 inc VAT
Now: £0.60 inc VAT
We Love to Read Poster (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S35
£1.44 inc VAT
How Do You Feel Poster - Glossy Wipe-Clean (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S64
£1.44 inc VAT
Supersize Plastic Golden Rules Poster (A1 sized)
Code: DP24
From £2.46 inc VAT

PTS has a great selection of Educational Posters and Wall Charts to support you in teaching your pupils about PSHE and Citizenship. Our posters are perfect for creating bright, eye-catching PSHE Displays in your classroom or school corridors.

Why not take a look at our full range of Pedagogs Classroom Decorations? You can see all of our Classroom Posters here.

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