New Eco Write and Wipe Whiteboards


New Eco Write and Wipe Whiteboards

Over the past couple of years, at PTS we have been working to reduce the amount of plastic in our products and packaging. We know that we still have some way to go on this journey, so we are constantly looking for ways to make our business more environmentally friendly.

When the time came to restock our popular write and wipe whiteboards, we decided to investigate whether we could find a greener solution than the plastic boards we had traditionally stocked.

The New Whiteboards

Our new boards are made of high-quality coated board. They are also now sold singly, meaning that you can purchase the exact number you would like, as well as reducing the amount of plastic shrink-wrap packaging previously used in sets of our plastic boards.

There are currently three types of boards to choose from; lined, squared and double-sided handwriting boards.

We think they’re great, but we always love to get feedback from our customers, so we sent a selection of all three board types out to our teacher panel, who regularly test and review products for us. They gave us some great reviews…

Customer Reviews

“I love the whiteboards with lines they are very easy to use and wipe. The children enjoyed them and we got some great work out of them. They are worth the money and I would definitely buy them as a teacher.”

Topaz Lee

“They are a great product. A good size and lightweight for the little ones (and older ones to carry in their bags). They have withstood a fair bit of handling and cleaning already.”

Rachel Bradley

“The boards are lightweight which will make it easier for the children to hold.”

Louise Cowell

About the handwriting whiteboards…

“Very useful to have a whiteboard with this format, enabling the pupils to use alongside their written work and to allow the teacher to demo to an individual pupil discreetly allowing the pupil to self correct and not have a heavily teacher corrected piece of work at the end.”

Donna Butcher


Great Ideas for Using Your Whiteboards

Write and wipe boards will be perfect for using in socially distanced classrooms once we all return to school. Pupils can write down answers and hold them up during class quizzes and games, as well as using them to practice key skills. Even better, in this time of increased awareness of spreading bacteria and virus, boards can be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes before being used by another pupil or teacher. The teacher panel came up with some great ways to use the boards in these socially-distanced times.

“Setting out the maths for example on the square grid to help with column calculations.”

Carol Henry

“We used the board with the larger lines for our guided reading lessons, where children were asked to share sentences about how the character was feeling. The children also used the boards to write down ‘stolen’ words from the text and find meanings.”

Margaret Boateng

“We’ve tried a lot of activities with them. In Latin lessons the blank sides have been used for hangman, Pictionary and quizzes as well as props in plays (with scripts on). In history and classics they’ve been used for devising battle plans and working on art history sketches as well as quizzes.”

Rachel Bradley

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