What’s Hot at PTS

What's Hot at PTS

What’s Hot at PTS

Check out our brand-new video showing what’s currently hot at PTS:

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New Sticker Packs

Write n Wipe Boards

Personalised Scented Offer

PTS Pencils

Ask Me Why Stickers

New Stamper Colours

Video Transcript:

There’s lots of great things to discover at PTS this week…

Starting with brand new sticker value packs. We’ve expanded our range of money saving value packs to include even more of your favourite sticker rewards.

If you want to save money as well as the environment, take a look at our handy reusable Write n Wipe boards. They’re made from 90% wood pulp and can be used, wiped clean, and used again.

Have you taken advantage of our brilliant personalised sticker offer yet? You can save over 35% on a range of personalised stickers, including our popular personalised scented stickers. Prices start from just 96p.

PTS pencil packs are perfect for using as low-cost classroom rewards for special achievements and occasions. They’re just £3.60 for 12 pencils.

These colourful stickers are perfect for communicating and celebrating school successes. Even better, they’re currently on offer at just £2.94 for 100 stickers.

We’ve introduced some of your favourite stampers in new colours, including stampers for encouraging a growth mindset and updating reading record books.

To discover our hottest products this week, go to primaryteaching.co.uk/whats-hot

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