How to Multiply Success with Times Tables

Times Tables

How to Multiply Success with Times Tables

Multiplication is a key skill for learners to master during their primary school years. PTS can support you with 4 key steps to help your pupils with their times tables…

1. Practice

The best way to help your pupils to memorise their times tables is by repetition.

Times Tables Practice Book

Times Tables Practice Books contain 40 pages for practicing multiplication. Each page has five times tables columns and one division column. You can choose the table/division focus for each pupil every week depending on their level, and each of the five tables sections are mixed up to make it a challenge as the weeks go on. They’re ideal for using in the classroom or for extra practice at home.

Reusable Write N Wipe Boards are a great resource for encouraging learners to keep trying, as any mistakes can be easily erased and rectified. Our Write N Wipe range includes Multiplication Squares and Multiplication/Division Practice Boards.

2. Track

One way to motivate learners is to show them how much they have progressed.

Some of our Times Tables Sticker Packs (including W7 and B71) contain a free Times Tables Achievement Record which you are welcome to photocopy to create a record for each of your pupils.

If you would like something a little more robust, take a look at our sets of A5 My Times Tables Record Cards. Your learners will love to see their progress.

Our Times Tables Practice Books also have a progress log on the inside cover.

3. Remember

Visual prompts in the classroom are a handy way to keep multiplication at the front of your pupils’ minds.

We have a great range of bright, child-friendly Times Tables Posters, which can add a pop of colour to your classroom displays and serve as a reminder for your pupils.

There are also Times Tables Bookmarks which learners can use in their school library books, or simply keep in their trays for reference.

4. Reward

Classroom rewards are perfect for motivating learners. At PTS we have a wide range of times tables rewards to delight your pupils, from sparkly stickers to certificates and badges.

You can view all times tables rewards and resources here.

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