School Stamps, Stickers and More – April at PTS

School Stamps

School Stamps, Stickers and More – April at PTS

We’re springing into April with lots of new products, designed to make your teaching life easier. Take a look at our school stamps, stickers, star charts, value packs and much more.

School Stamps

New School Stamps

This week we’ve got 28 brand new stampers on the website. They are perfect for speeding up your marking and assessment for a wide range of subjects and purposes, including reading, traffic lights, verbal feedback, supply teachers, learning objective, WALT and next steps.

These new stampers are all 38mm x 15mm and are available in green and purple. Take a look at them all here.

Stack N Stamps – Get Them Whilst You Can

All good things must come to an end, and after many years of supporting teachers, our brilliant Stack N Stamp school stamps are going into retirement. But don’t worry, you can still purchase your favourites until they go out of stock.

A brand-new style of stackable school stamps will be arriving very soon, with all of your favourite designs. But, if you want new stampers that are compatible with your current Stack N Stamps you need to purchase these now, before it’s too late.

Don’t forget to use your customer loyalty discount to save money on your order, the more you spend the more you save. Offer details below.

We have great sets of Stack N Stamps that save you money when compared to purchasing individual stampers. You can also find great individual Stack N Stamps to add to your teacher stamp collection. Browse the entire range of Stack N Stamps to find your new favourite teacher stamp.

School Stamps

Stamper Sets

We also have two brand new stamper sets, one purple and one green, which contain a great variety of messages to help you to speed up your marking and give valuable feedback to your pupils. They save you money too!


There are some great new PTS stickers on the website this month.

There are brilliant holographic reward stickers for your classroom superheroes and bumped heads, as well as two sets of great robot stickers, one of which is ideal for rewarding great progress with Spanish! Make sure you take a look at brilliant new fabulous phonics stickers, with all our favourite animal characters.

Finally, we have a fantastic new sheet of holographic stickers, which has a great range of designs, including reading, writing, phonics and generic rewards, all on one sheet of stickers.

School Stamps

Value Packs

If you’re trying to make your tight school budget go a little further, take a look at our money-saving value packs. There are three new packs already this month.

If you are using the Good to be Green classroom behaviour scheme, you can now save money on your rewards with two new sticker value packs. Choose from apple scented stickers or holographic stickers. Both packs contain 280 stickers and will save you money on your classroom rewards.

Our holographic reading award certificates have been flying off the shelves since we launched them last year. To help you save money on your reading rewards, we’ve created a new pack of 100 certificates to help you to reduce your costs.

What else is new?

Perfect for teachers who are working on numeracy with their pupils, our new number lines make it easy for learners to visualise the maths problems that they are working on.

Arriving in early May, we will also have brand new key word flashcards, perfect for helping pupils to learn high-frequency key words. Each of the fifty cards is laminated with a word on either side, giving you 100 key words. They arrive with a handy storage box too.

Finally, we have brand new star charts that your pupils can use to collect their special star rewards (perfect for using with our B74 and B11 star stickers).

School Stamps

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We have a brand-new growth mindset blog series from PTS and mindset expert Ross McWilliam. Over the next four weeks, Ross will be guiding us through introducing growth mindset in primary schools. In week one, Ross will be introducing the series and then giving you ideas on how to encourage pupils to create their own definitions of growth mindset and what it means to them.


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