Socially Distanced School Assemblies

Socially Distanced School Assemblies

Socially Distanced School Assemblies

This year’s return to school has been like no other before it. Social distancing has put a huge pressure on both school staff and pupils, preventing schools gathering together outside of classroom bubbles. It has become almost impossible for traditional school assemblies to go ahead. But of course, teachers and school leaders are a creative bunch, and many schools have come up with unique ideas for socially distanced school assemblies.

How are schools creating socially distanced school assemblies?

At Smithills School in Bolton, one of the areas that recently underwent a strict lock-down due to a spike in Covid levels, assemblies include different bubbles on different days, allowing a limited number of pupils into the school hall with safe, socially distanced spacing.

The Swan School in Oxfordshire has been doing a combination of outdoor assemblies, when the weather has permitted, and pre-recorded assemblies, which are then played to learners in the safety of their classrooms.

At Poulton le Sands C E Primary School in Morecambe, learners have been taking part in individual class worships, led by the class teacher, as well as a whole school worship led by the head teacher via Zoom, with pupils watching from the classroom.

What is clear, is that technology is playing a big part in enabling schools to communicate and take part in assemblies together whilst staying safe. But traditional school assembly activities and rewards can also still have their place.

Ideas for socially distanced assemblies

During this strange and stressful time, it is important to keep teacher and pupil morale high. Making school assemblies as fun and as interactive as possible is a great way to do this.

School Quiz

During lockdown most of us will have taken part in a family quiz via zoom, or played games with friends on the Houseparty app. Why not bring this social event to school? Every class could take part, with questions on current topics within the school and some fun trivia thrown in too. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates are great for using as quick and easy quiz prizes.

Socially Distanced School Assemblies - Shop Certificates

Guest Speakers

Many schools invite guest speakers to lead assemblies in school, and whilst it isn’t currently possible to do this in person, technology can allow schools to host guest speakers online. And, if we’re using technology like Zoom, we aren’t limited geographically to who we can ask. Why not look into speakers who can help learners to make the most of the ‘new normal’ and develop skills that can be practised in a socially distanced way? You can create unique participation certificates with PTS Personalised Certificates.

School Survey

Why not give your learners a chance to vote on the way things work at school? Schools are functioning in a very different way at the moment, and learners may have some great ideas on how to make things easier whilst staying safe. An simple way to vote in the classroom is to pose a question to pupils, along with possible answers, and then for them to write their chosen option on a write n wipe board and hold it up for you to count the votes. Alternatively, for younger pupils, you could use different coloured cards.

Celebrating Achievements

It is really important that we continue to celebrate pupils’ achievements at school. To help teachers do this, PTS has a great range of certificates and other rewards, for a wide range of successes. The range includes Star of the Week, Birthdays, Head Teacher Awards, subject specific rewards and much more. These can easily be presented in the classroom by the teacher, as part of a socially distanced school assembly. There are also lots of personalised certificates for you to create your own unique school awards.

We know that some schools are limiting what pupils bring to school and take home from school to try to reduce the chance of spreading infection. Whilst certificates are brilliant for showing your pupils, and their parents, just how proud of them you are, taking certificates home may not be possible right now. Why not try displaying pupils’ certificates in the classroom instead? You could create a display board, or even blue tack your learners’ certificates to the front of their desks, for everyone to see.

If you’re looking for something to save space, why not try our CertifiCARDS? These small credit card sized cards can be displayed in a card holder on your classroom wall, or as part of your Good to be Green behaviour scheme. The cards cover a wide range of topics, including pen licenses, star of the day, attendance, reading and much more.

Other rewards that are great for keeping and using at school are pencils, bookmarks (for school library books) and sticker collector cards.

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