PTS Stickers, Stampers and More

PTS Stickers

New This Month: PTS Stickers, Stampers and More

We’ve launched some great new products this month, including new sets of Scented PTS Stickers, Personalised Emoji Stickers, money-saving Value Packs, a plethora of new stampers and products to help your pupils in maths lessons. Find out more below.

PTS Stickers

Scented PTS Stickers

Scented PTS stickers always go down a treat with teachers and pupils alike. New for 2019, we have added a brand-new scent to our collection; our Cinnamon Scented Doughnut Stickers have already been a huge hit.

We also have new sizes of some of our classic designs, including cola, chocolate and berry Scented Stickers. Pupils will go mad for cola scented comic-style stickers (arriving soon), they are perfect for rewarding your classroom superheroes. Your learners will love the sweet smell of success when they receive a scented sticker as a classroom reward.

PTS Stickers

Personalised Emoji PTS Stickers

Put a smile on your pupils’ faces with this cool new Emoji Stickers. With three designs and two sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect for giving your learners a big thumbs up.

Even better, these new stickers are completely customisable! You can choose from ten background colours and add your own choice of wording, giving these PTS Stickers a truly personal touch.

Take a look at thumbs up, smiley and cool (available in 25mm and 37mm).

PTS Stickers

New PTS Value Packs

PTS Value Packs are perfect for saving you money on your classroom rewards. We have four new packs for you this month, each containing a great collection of PTS Stickers.

The CP98 has a great selection of our popular Holographic PTS Stickers. Perfect for rewarding your classroom superstars and adding an extra bit of sparkle to your rewards.

As we approach the end of term, its time to get ready for rewarding great attendance. The new VA377 value pack gives you 280 stickers to reward your pupils with 100% attendance.

If you’re looking for ‘Great’ reward stickers take a look at the new VN15 pack, which contains 560 sunny stickers.

Finally, the new CP102 value pack contains 816 stickers which are all perfect for rewarding your star readers.

PTS Stickers - Stampers

New Stampers

We have an array of new stampers, available in a great range of ink colours. These include:

• Our classic adjustable date ‘Verbal feedback Given’ stamper, now available in purple

• A new ‘I’m proud of the effort you have put into this’ stamper, perfect for teachers who are encouraging a growth mindset – available in purple and green

• A new ‘Excellent Reading’ stamper, perfect for rewarding great progress with literacy – available in purple and green

• The new comic book style ‘Wow’ stamper – available in purple, green and blue

• A new speech bubble style ‘Wow’ stamper – available in purple, green and blue

• New Billy Bookworm stampers, perfect for rewarding ‘Excellent Work’ – available in purple, green and red

• Give your pupils a big tick with new ‘Good Work’ stampers – available in purple and green

• Reward a light bulb moment with ‘Brilliant’ stampers – available in purple, green and red

• A new reward for great progress with ‘Neat Writing’ – available in purple, green, blue and black

We also have two brand new stamper sets, one purple and one green, which contain a great variety of stampers to help you to speed up your marking and give valuable feedback to your pupils. They save you money too!

PTS Stickers

What else is new?

There are even more new PTS Stickers! Take a look at new Holographic Rainbow and Maths Stickers (both arriving soon), as well as great stickers to complement the CUPPA confident mindset books.

If you’re looking for resources to help your pupils in numeracy lessons take a look at our new write and wipe cards. There are great reusable cards for number bonds, multiplication and division, and place value (coming soon – available as a single card or in a pack of 10).

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