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The PTS Resource Hub and Forum is now live and ready for you to upload, download and discuss. At PTS we are always on the lookout for ways to make teachers lives easier in the classroom from the many products we provide. However as well as providing products teachers can use in their classroom we decided we could make teachers lives easier another way. For a while it has been on our minds here at PTS that we wanted to create a place on our website which would assist teachers and others to find resources that help with teaching in the classroom. We asked teachers their opinion too and they thought that it would be great to share ideas and chat to others in a central hub. PTS would like to announce the exciting news that it’s here, the new PTS Resource Hub. It’s free of charge to use the service.

The Hub is easy to use and is split into 6 sections:

  • Search/download a resource
  • Upload a resource
  • My resources
  • The PTS Forum
  • Gallery
  • Blog

PTS Resource hub


If you have any resources that you think will help others then please upload them to the PTS Resource Hub and help other teachers gain ideas and resources for their lessons. You can search, download and upload teaching resources for free. With resources uploaded from other teachers there is a variety of resources to choose from. You can search these resources by keywords or by the advanced search which allows you to search for resources based on subject, age range and resource type. A variety of resources can be uploaded from activities, games, lesson plans, presentations, videos and others. Upload your resources and join in with the Resource Hub Forum to help create more resources in which others can use.

It’s easy to upload a resource to the hub with the options to upload files in various file formats. Simply click upload, fill out the resource type, a title and description, subject, age range and any keywords. You resource will then be approved by the PTS team and uploaded to the resource hub for others to download. Once you have uploaded a resource others can rate the resource with a thumbs up if the like it or any comments.

That’s not all a PTS forum has been created. This allows you to take part in discussions to help other members of the Resource Hub with any questions or concerns they might have. You can also set up your own discussions on the forum which can then be answered by other members. You can quickly see the activity of other members of the forum in the activity tab and badges tab.

What are you waiting for start uploading, downloading and discussing today. We hope you find the Resource Hub useful, make sure to tell your colleagues. If you have any comments or suggestions then email us at





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