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With the summer coming to an end and lesson planning well underway we would love to lend a hand. Here at PTS our Resource Hub is designed to help you find teaching resources that you can download for free. You’ll find lesson plans, interactive activities, games, PowerPoint’s and many more teaching ideas with the PTS Resource Hub.

You can upload and download resources for free that can be saved to your computer or printed out for your convenience. To download a resource simply log in, scroll through or filter the resources, select the resources you wish to download and then click download. All the resources you download will then show in the future in ‘My Downloads’ making them easy to access. Here you can also see your uploads and saved searches, making it easy to find your resources all in one place.

Make sure to join in with the online community if you need tips on what resources are best or any general questions you have. You can ask these on the PTS forum and other teachers will offer you advice, suggestions and answers.

Make getting ready for the new school term easier. Don’t forget more resources are uploaded to the Hub every week so keep your eyes peeled for resources that you can use in your classroom. If you have a resource you would like to upload its easy and simply. Click upload resource and follow the one screen steps to share with other teachers. Take advantage and start uploading, downloading and discussing today. You can Click Here to visit the Resource Hub.

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