Praisepadz and Postcards

Praisepadz and Postcards

Praisepadz and Postcards:
Keep in Touch Now We’re Back at School

During the lockdown, distance learning made communicating with pupils and parents of utmost importance. Now our learners are back in the classroom, you may be looking for effective ways to communicate positively with parents. PTS Praisepadz and Postcards, give teachers an easy, low-cost way to send notes home to parents for a wide variety of reasons.


Praisepadz and Postcards

Rewarding pupils for great behaviour is a great way to encourage them to continue behaving brilliantly at school. We have great Praisepadz and Postcards, which are perfect for letting parents know when pupils have behaved consistently well. These include rewards for use with the Good to be Green Behaviour schemes, as well as more generic designs.

Hard Work and Progress

Praisepadz and Postcards

Encouraging pupils to work hard and make good progress at school is important for helping them to develop a growth mindset. We have a wide range of Praisepadz and Postcards to reward great work in the classroom, including Reading Rewards, Superstar Learner Rewards and rewards that can be used for a variety of achievements.

Classroom Stars

Many schools now give out Star of the Day and Star of the Week awards. PTS Praisepadz and Postcards give teachers a simple way to give out these popular rewards, which your pupils will be proud to show off to their parents/guardians when they get home from school.

Everyday Rewards

Praisepadz and Postcards

Sometimes pupils achieve something so special that there is not a ready-made reward that you can present to them. Our generic Praisepadz and Postcards are perfect; you can add your own reason for presenting the reward, to let parents/guardians know exactly how brilliant their child has been at school.

Something Special

As well as generic rewards, we also have Praisepadz and Postcards for special occasions. These include awards for Head Teachers to present for outstanding achievements, rewards for great behaviour and healthy eating at lunchtime, attendance awards and Praisepadz to wish your learners a happy birthday. The range also includes Mr Men and Little Miss Postcards and sets of popular Pedagogs Postcards.

Personalised Postcards

Praisepadz and Postcards

If you want to create unique notes home for your class, there are over 40 Personalised Postcards to choose from. They are perfect for creating rewards that match your school’s branding, with some postcards enabling you to add your own image or logo. There are also Personalised Postcards related to specific school subjects, including Geography, History, Languages and Science.

First Aid at School

Praisepadz and Postcards

When pupils have a bump at school it’s important to let other adults know to keep an eye on them, and also to inform parents/guardians of what has happened. PTS has special Praisepadz that you can pop into the pupil’s school bag for them to show their parent when they get home. Another simple way to let parents know about bumps and bruises at school are our First Aid Wristbands.

You can find all Praisepadz here and Postcards here.

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