Reducing Plastic by 2020



Reducing Plastic by 2020


“Worldwide reliance on disposable plastic packaging is overwhelming our planet. By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.”

Plastic Pollution Coalition


Here at PTS, we know that we could be doing more to reduce the amount of plastic that we use in our products and packaging. This is why we are committing to reducing the amount that we use by the end of 2020. This year the impact of plastic pollution has been widely discussed in the media, with particular emphasis on micro-plastics in our oceans and the high usage of single use plastics across the world.


What we’re doing now

Cardboard packaging

For bulky customer orders we use fully recyclable card-board boxes to package your purchases. They can be re-used and/or recycled.


On the rare occasion that we purchase any supplies or goods from overseas, we try to ensure, where possible, that they will be transported by shipping container rather than by plane or lorry. “A big ship will emit about 0.4 ounces of carbon dioxide to transport 2 tons of cargo 1 mile. That’s roughly half as much as a train, one-fifth as much as a truck and nearly a fiftieth of what an airplane would emit to accomplish the same task.” (


We recycle all card-board and non-confidential waste paper that we use at PTS. We also have special bins in our offices and brew-rooms to separate recyclable rubbish.

Reduced Shrink-Wrapping

We’ve already reduced the amount of plastic shrink-wrapping on our Certificate value packs and we’re looking to do this for other products too.


Our Products


Whilst our CertifiCARDS are currently made out of plastic, we are in the process of replacing these with a version which is 90% wood pulp. The new CertifiCARDS will still have the high-quality that you expect from PTS products, but will be more environmentally friendly.

Pencils and Rulers

We have some fantastic rulers (G27 and G28) and scented pencils (SMP14 and SMP15) that are made from recycled plastic and newspapers.




Other Products

Over the next two years we will be systematically looking at all of our products to make sure that they are as environmentally friendly and plastic free as possible, whilst maintaining the great quality and value that you expect from PTS products.


What we’re going to do


We’re looking at ways to reduce the number of plastic bags that we use in our packaging. The alternatives we’re investigating include waxed paper bags for smaller packages.

Even more recycling

Whilst we already do a lot of recycling at PTS, we believe that we can always do more. Over the coming months we are going to look at ways that we can support our colleagues with recycling a greater volume of our rubbish.


What do you do in school to reduce the amount of single use plastic that you use? Do you have any ideas on how we can further reduce the plastic in our products and packaging? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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