Personalised Stampers: Flash Sales and Latest News

Personalised Stampers

Personalised Stampers: Flash Sale and Latest News


Pupils and teachers alike love Marking Stamps from PTS. In our latest blog we look at the benefits of Personalised Stampers, our fantastic new stamper products and special stamper offers, including our brilliant flash sale! (Ends 31st October 2018).


Give Your Stamp of Approval

Our Personalised Stampers are fantastic for speeding up your marking. But that’s not the only benefit…

  • Unique classroom rewards – Personalised Stampers are perfect for creating unique rewards for your pupils to motivate them to work hard and behave well.
  • Feedback unique to your classroom – If you are using specific schemes in your classroom, for example, to reward good behaviour or for setting and tracking progress with objectives, Personalised Stampers are great for quickly giving feedback with a tailored message.
  • They look great – New technology means that our stampers have clearer images than ever before, with a reduction in blotting and excess ink.
  • New designs – We’re constantly added to our collection of stampers. See the ‘Brand New’ section below to find out about our latest teacher stamps.
  • Quick delivery – We guarantee that your Personalised Stamper will be on its way to you within three working days.


Personalised Stampers


*Brand New*

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset in Schools is becoming increasingly common, with teachers keen to recognise pupils’ effort and positive mindset just as much as progress and achievements. Our brand-new Growth Mindset Stampers are perfect for encouraging your pupils to take a positive approach to all that they do in the classroom. Take a look at our standard and Personalised Growth Mindset Stampers.

Stamper Cards

Our Stamper Saver Cards are great for your pupils to use to collect their reward stamps and track their progress. We have some brand-new designs coming soon so keep your eyes peeled. You can see our current Stamper Saver Cards here.

Purple Stampers

We’ve listened to feedback from teachers and have hugely expanded our range of purple ink stampers! Check them out here.


Bargain Stampers

We all like to make our money go a little further, especially with our school budgets constantly being squeezed. We’ve created a range of Bargain Stampers and accessories to help.


Personalised Stampers



For the last few days of October, we are offering our Top 8 Personalised Stampers, plus our brand-new Growth Mindset Personalised Stamper, for just £8.94 each including VAT. That’s over 20% off! But be quick; this great offer ends at midnight on 31st October 2018. Simply click here to see these great discounts.



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Halloween Story Generator

Back in February we created a story generator for pupils to use to create their own fairy tales as part of World Book Day. It was so popular we’ve created a new one, especially for Halloween! Check it out here.

Halloween Safety Tips

Many children love Halloween, and no doubt some of your pupils are very excited about going Trick or Treating on 31st October this year. However, with the dark nights drawing in, it is important for kids to stay safe whilst they enjoy the Halloween fun. Check out our latest Infographic, which lays out our top Halloween Safety Tips.



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