10 Uses for Personalised Scented Stickers

Personalised Scented Stickers


10 Uses for Personalised Scented Stickers


Did you know that PTS has Smelly Stickers that you can personalise with your own choice of wording? Pupils love our Personalised Scented Stickers, and by adding your own wording you can make your classroom rewards even more special.

Take a look at some of our ideas for using Personalised Scented Stickers, and let us know how you use them in the comments section below.


1. Phonics Rewards – Bubblegum Scented Monster Stickers (XPA6)

Our Monster Stickers are perfect for rewarding your pupils for a great effort in beating the alien words during phonics testing. They were flying off our shelves in 2018, so get prepared for Phonics Testing 2019 with these cute stickers – your pupils will love them.


2. Show how proud you are – Jellybean Scented Star Stickers (XPA252)

Whether a pupil has worked hard in class, produced brilliant homework, behaved impeccably or has been extra-helpful, Personalised Stickers can show them just how proud you are.


3. Reading Rewards – Jellybean Scented Mr Men and Little Miss Stickers (XPA1)

Learning to read is a key skill that pupils develop during their time at Primary School. Some pupils may struggle and some may be keen readers, but everyone needs a little encouragement now and again. These lovely Mr Men and Little Miss Stickers are perfect for using as reading rewards.


Personalised Scented Stickers


4. Growth Mindset Rewards – Cola Scented Star Stickers (XPN49)

Promoting Growth Mindset is a growing trend in UK primary schools and Customised Stickers are a great way to reward the behaviour that you want to encourage, whether it is positive thinking, resilience or trying their best.


5. Reward your superheroes – Cola Scented Superhero Stickers (XPA4)

Every now and again a pupil will stand out for brilliant behaviour and great classwork. These Cola Scented Superhero Stickers are perfect for rewarding pupils who go above and beyond in the classroom.


6. Unique Star of the Day Rewards – Jellybean Scented Star Stickers (XPA2)

Many schools have Star of the Day and Star of the Week reward schemes. Why not make yours stand out with unique reward Stickers? Your recipients will wear them with pride.


7. Show how happy you are – Jellybean Scented Rainbow Stickers (XPN46)

Our Jellybean Scented Rainbow Stickers are a huge hit with pupils and teachers alike. They are perfect for showing pupils just how amazing they are, whether you are rewarding work, progress or behaviour.


Personalised Scented Stickers


8. Head Teacher Awards – Tropical Scented Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine Stickers

An award from the Head Teacher is always going to put a smile on pupils’ faces, and these Tropical Fruit Scented Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine Stickers make your rewards even more special.


9. Lunchtime and Playtime Rewards – Cola Scented Star Stickers (XPA152)

Good behaviour isn’t only important in the classroom, but in the dinner hall and playground too. Create unique lunchtime and break time rewards for your pupils, with our Cola Scented Star Stickers.


10. Reward hard work and great behaviour – Strawberry Scented Thumbs Up Stickers (XPN40)

Sometimes pupils deserve a big thumbs up, whether they’ve mastered a tricky skill, tried their hardest or improved their behaviour. These Strawberry Scented Stickers are perfect for showing them how happy you are.


These are just our ideas for how you could use Personalised Scented Stickers, the possibilities are endless, so use your imagination to create truly unique classroom rewards for your pupils. Let us know your ideas in the comments section below.


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