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Q. How do I find the product I want?

A. If you’re looking for a specific product and you know the product code, simply type the code into the search box that is visible across the website.


If you do not know the code, but you know what the product looks like, or what it is used for, you can type a description of it into the search box, which will bring up a page of relevant results.

Alternatively, you can use the filters on the website to look at different product types and ranges.


Q. Can I personalise my products in a different language?

A. Yes, you can create these online, however, to ensure that any special characters come through to PTS correctly, we would recommend emailing your personalised order through to instead.

Q. Can I add emojis to personalised products?

A. If you add emojis to your personalised products on the website, it is likely that these will not be accurate once they have travelled through our system. To make sure your emojis are correct, please email your order to

Q. My personalised wording is too long, how do I fit it onto my product?

A. Most personalised products allow you to see what the finished product will look like as you create them. PTS has set a minimum text size on individual products, so you can be sure that your writing should be legible.

If you have already set your text size at the smallest available on the website and your wording does not fit, we recommend revising your wording to be a little shorter.


Q. Can I get a quote for a bespoke design?

A. We love helping our customers to create the exact stickers, stampers and certificates that they would like. To get a quote for a bespoke design please contact There may be an artwork fee depending on the complexity of the design.

Q. How do I add my discount code?

A. To add your offer code, in your shopping basket click the green ‘OFFER CODE & GIFT VOUCHER’ button. Type in your offer code and then click ‘APPLY’.


Q. I’m not getting the checkout offer pop-up, how can I see it?

A. Our checkout offer box will only pop up automatically every 30 days (we know that having too many pop ups can be a bit annoying). However, you can still take advantage of our checkout offers every time you order by clicking the ‘CHECKOUT OFFER’ button in your shopping basket.


Q. I’m not being given an option for invoice at check-out, how do I fix this?

A. To be offered the option to pay by invoice at the checkout, the delivery and billing address must both be a school address. To check that your addresses are set up correctly, go to your account. Your school address(es) should have this symbol:


If they do not have this symbol, you can re-add them by clicking ‘CREATE NEW ADDRESS’…


… and then select the ‘School’ button. Follow the steps to add your address and ensure that this is the address that you choose at the checkout.

We offer invoice payment terms to schools in the UK and ROI.

Q. I can see the product I want to order, but there is no product code or ‘add to basket’ button. What should I do?

A. If you can’t see a product code or an add to basket button, this may mean that you need to make a choice about your product. This may be colour, size or pack size. Once you have made your selection the ‘Add to Basket’ and product code should appear.

Q. Can I reorder personalised products?

A. Yes, you can. To reorder personalised products call our customer services team on 01772 33 11 11, or email , with the details of your previous order.

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