Are you an NQT?

Are you an NQT about to embark on your first real classroom experience? Are you prepared for the New Term? Have you got your rewards ready for your new class?

At most primary schools an award will be given out at the end of the week for the Star of the Week pupil. Each week you can choose a pupil that has demonstrated positive attitude to learning during the week or has done something very impressive. Reward your Star of the Week with a sticker, certificate, pencil or bookmark. Why not send a postcard home too, your pupil will love receiving it through their letterbox.

Make sure you are stocked up with rewards for the new term as this will encourage good behaviour and keep your pupils motivated.

To help you with your journey as an NQT, here’s some advice from a fantastic blog and a real NQT
She gives you lots of tips for surviving your first year of teaching and is very honest. Some bits tickled me, especially where she proves that teacher’s aren’t badly dressed at all.

Here are some tips for you that were published in The Guardian:

  1. Time Management tricks – have a list of things to do and complete the worst tasks first so you can look forward to the exciting ones.
  2. Work-life balance is important – even though you will be busy and find yourself working outside school hours, you must learn when to stop. Prioritise your life over anything else.
  3. Get to know the school community – get involved with pupil events outside your subject and get to know your colleagues as well.
  4. Plan, plan and plan – Ensure you prepare exciting and engaging lessons. It’s your chance to put into practice all that you’ve learnt.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – just ask if you need help. Be enthusiastic, professional and keen to learn.
  6. Share your passion for the subject you are teaching.
  7. Remember we all mistakes – Reflect and learn from your mistakes to enable you to improve.

By Steph Whittingham – PTS



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